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Imagine, at your service, your own celebrated cartoonist, a regular funnyman at The New Yorker since 1979. Let his unique artistic style and exceptional sense of humor enrich your life in surprising ways. Let’s collaborate on a custom cartoon that will be a treasured keepsake:

The Cartoon Portrait

The Cartoon Portrait

Jack O'Donnell for Maura O'Donnel

What I loved about working with Mick was that, with just a picture of my Dad and a few things I shared about him, Mick created exactly what I was hoping for, even better. My Dad, a New Yorker cartoon lover for many decades, was absolutely thrilled to see himself captured in a Mick Stevens cartoon. Best present ever.

—Maura O’Donnell

Commission a well known cartoonist’s rendering of yourself, your friends or family, your client, your mentor, your pet. A wonderful hand-drawn custom cartoon to honor, amuse, or make lighthearted fun of someone you love.

Cartoon-Brand Your Celebration

Cartoon Brand Your Celebrations


Mick truly captured the spirit of our love and theme for our wedding. As a fellow dog lover, he even incorporated our beloved pooch, Charlie. Couldn’t be happier. A pleasure to work with!
—Leah McGirr

Weddings, Fundraisers, Graduations: custom cartoon images to identify, adorn and enhance the accoutrements of your Special Event. Entice your guests, donors, grandparents to take home and frame artisanal invitations, announcements, napkins. Collectable unique custom cartoon announcements for Births, Bar Mitzvahs, Anniversaries, Retirement revelries.



Esther Island

You know you have a great cartoon idea. This is your opportunity to collaborate with a nationally-renowned cartoonist. Let your Concierge Cartoonist make your vision a hilarious reality: perhaps featuring yourself, a loved one, or associate in a starring role in a one of a kind single-panel, magazine-style custom cartoon. Your idea too big for one panel? We do multi-panel graphic novel style custom cartoons as well.

For Your Business

For Your Business

For Your Business
Lighten and brighten presentations or handouts with witty, provocative custom cartoon illustrations. Your business will stand out from the crowd with a unique custom cartoon logo.



Robin Hood

I am the proud possessor of 2 original, commissioned Mick Stevens drawings. I adore each. They evoke Mick’s idiosyncrastic and special grace and humor. I smile every day when I see it across the room of my Boston law firm office.

Hard to imagine a better or more personal gift than an original “Mick Stevens” exemplar of wit and art hanging on one’s wall.

—Alex MacDonald, Esq.

Mick Stevens is a world-class artist. He has the incredible ability to translate any idea into a fun, imaginative cartoon which coveys the essence of your concept in a single glance. Mick created all of the fantastic illustrations for my educational music book, The Lobster Theory. Everyone that works with this book tells me how much they love the drawings. I couldn’t be more pleased with the outstanding results of Mick’s work. If you’ve got an important project that needs distinctive, insightful and creative art work, Mick is the right person for the job.
—Greg Fishman

Mick Stevens has been a support to St Augustine Community School of Performing Arts (SACSPA) providing cartoons for special events, posters, letterhead and inspiration from 2010-2016. We thank Mr Stevens for his many generous contributions to SACSPA.
—Annette Danielson/Sacspa

Receiving one of Mick Stevens custom cartoons was the perfect wedding gift! It captures a special part of our relationship in a funny and unique way and serves to remind my husband and me of what makes us work as individuals and as a couple. It is a perfect conversation piece that we proudly display in our home.
—Nora MacDonald

I commissioned a custom cartoon as birthday present. It was and is a very personal and much loved gift.
—Maureen Strafford, MD


And now: Concierge Cartoonist, The Man and The Movie!

After his drawings were rejected by Walt Disney when Mick was 9, he set his cartoon sights on the New Yorker Magazine, selling his first drawing to the magazine in 1979. His work is included in many of The New Yorker series of themed cartoon collections as well as all of the The New Yorker annual anthologies. His drawings have also appeared in Harvard Business Review, The National Lampoon, and Barron’s Magazine, to name a few. Mick Stevens has also done cartoon illustrations for many books and publications, among them books by economist Robert Frank and music educator Greg Fishman and including 3 of his own cartoon collections.



Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 9.05.07 AMLet’s collaborate!

For further information, including fees for your individual cartoon needs, please contact mick AT conciergecartoonist DOT com.

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